"Stay with me". ( Please don’t leave me)

“The moment you left me alone,

i began to wonder why would you go  ,

i gave everything for you  to be happy,

and now you left me here, sad and lonely


We used to walk on the beach together,

promising each other’s forever

Why do you have to go.?

i need you, and i want you to know..


I love you, please don’t go

i’ll give  you the love you want to know,

I love you, please stay with me,

I still don’t want to set you free.


I’ll promise i’ll be yours forever,

my love will keep us together,

without you, I’ll be nothing,

So please dear, stay with me.”


– My own created poem of love and sadness. I’m not saying that I’m experiencing  what i had written in my poem, it’s just that i dedicate this to all the people who are left by their loved ones without any reason.


1 thought on “"Stay with me". ( Please don’t leave me)

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