Mukhang magiging sila ulit…..pano na ako ? parang sa barkada, ako na lang yatang walang lovelife, ….maging college friends ko, meron na…mukhang ako yata ang magiging matandang dalaga sa kanila eh..nakakalungkot naman. :  (

I know i’m stupid of thinking about this when i’m still having problems with my academic grades, but that’s how it goes. I feel lonely sometimes, even though i’m surrounded with lots of friends. It’s not that i’m not contented with all i have, but i can’t avoid being jealous when some of my friends told me that they have 100 percent good love lives……and sometimes, i pretend that i have a love life too, which in reality, MY LOVE LIFE IS ZERO AND SUPER FAIL. Sometimes, i feel that i’ll be the one who will be single forever and no one would like me. I admit that i’m very dramatic when it comes to this, but what can i do ? I consider myself as a hopeless romantic and the girl who believes in happy endings and stuffs ( blame it to the cheesy kdramas that i had watched ). I know i’m too young to think about this….but i can’t help it. I’m tired of experiencing unrequited love.. please mr, right, come with me right now……..

At sa huli……mauulit nanaman dati. magmamahal at masasaktan ulit…can i have my happily ever after this time ? parang palagi na lang yata ako ang kontrabida eh….sana this time…ako naman ang maging bida.


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