Random facts about me. :p

Just killing the boredom : >( i can’t think of anything to post here ) well anyways, here are some random facts that you need to know about me.

that dork :p 

  • . I have scoliosis.

Well, i don’t make a big deal out of this but pointing out always my posture is a bit annoying to me , and that is the reason why i’m very skinny.

  • My teeth needs braces.

I really hate the alignment of my teeth and i hate wearing braces because according to some people, the first few months of wearing braces will be painful, and you can’t eat comfortably ( I love to eat, and hearing these information is a nightmare to me ). But when my sister started to wear braces last may, it seems that my friends are wrong. ( well, not entirely, or it still depends ). So now, i decided to wear braces next year. : >

  • I LOVE to eat !
  • I’m a certified Kpop lover. ( well honestly, all things that are related to korea ). I absolutely love them ! from kdrama, to their OST, Kpop groups, hangul, and stuffs ! ❤ LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.
  •  I’m self confessed Hopeless romantic 😛  ( i have tons of romantic movies and dramas at home, plus romantic pocketbooks, both english and tagalog !  ♥.
  • I’m quite sensitive and emotional ( I’m a crybaby : D and sad and happy moments makes me cry ! T.T)
  • I HATE MATH.  ( anything related to logic and computation). I absolutely hate it since birth. LOL.
  • I LOVE TO SING :p From karaoke marathon to bathroom concerts, count me in ! hihi : >
  • I LOVE listening to music. ( as of now, i have 50 songs in my mp3 and i always listen to music everyday,even if i’m studying. MUSIC IS MY LIFE.
  • I love playing the piano. : D whenever i hear a song repeatedly, i can play it without notes. ( commonly known as played by ear. )

well, that’s all for now. 😛 I’ll be sharing more about me soon.


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