swimming and relax mode at batangas.

Another fun and exciting two day outing had just happened. Last nov 4 and 5 2011, we went in residencia de riego in Lipa, Batangas, and the place was AWESOME. And the better part ? only few people are there in the resort since it’s not summer, which is the peak season of holiday tourists. It’s like the whole place is ours, since other people are hanging out in the other side of the resort.

What i like about this place is their relaxing ambiance….
We arrived at the resort about 2 in the afternoon, and before we ate our lunch, we did some sight- seeing and picture taking inside the resort.
Our Kubo villa….
After eating our lunch, we decided to have fun and swim in the pool. There are 3 pools in the resort, one kiddie pool, and two adult pools. Later on, we learned that they will operate the fountain which surrounds the pool. At 7 o’ clock in the evening, a fountain of water shot from different directions in the pool, with a dancing colored light effect that makes our stay in the resort more fun and exciting. : )))
The swimming pool at night. : )). unfortunately, the fountain only lasts for 30 minutes, but the colored lights still operates through out the night.
Another thing that i like about in this place is their live acoustic band playing every night. So far, this is the only resort that we went to has a relaxing ambiance, and a night life. : > This place is a must visit for everyone who wants to unwind themselves and enjoy. I’m looking forward to visit again this place, maybe next year. :)))
~. chilling out. : p

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