My 2012 Resolution.

I admit that i shed many tears in the past year. 2011 is a year mixed of happiness and sorrow, and i had done many mistakes that lead me to experience sadness and regrets. Ayoko nang masaktan pa ulit……dahil sa mga pagkakamali ko. Yung tipong pati yung ibang tao, lalo na yung mga mahal ko, eh nadadamay.  So what i’m planning this year is to turn a new leaf and  start again. For this year, ill create my ”  resolution Bucketlist” that i need to achive this year. : D

  • Never expect, Never assume, and Never demand. Expectations leads to disappointments, and surprises are much better
  • Study hard.
  • Lessen ” social networking ” habits.
  • Save money and less ” tripping with friends”. ( i don’t know if i can keep up with this , but i’ll try my best.
  • Be contented and avoid Bitterness.
  • Be more understanding and patient.
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Make new friends.
  • Travel in other places.
  • Survive my second and third year life.
  • Pass statistics.
  • Spend again the Christmas with my cousins : D
  • Have again the best birthday
  • Wear braces and contacts.
  • Meet mr right ( HAHAHAHA) just kidding.
  • No more heartbreaks.
  • Be happy : ))))

I hope all of this would come true : DD. Good luck for me !

~ Fighting ! ❤

. Crizelda08.


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