Must read.

got this from tumblr : > This note is what keeps me going, not only me or for girls, but for EVERYONE. : >


*.Hello beautiful girl.

You are a princess. You are talented. You are beautiful. You are funny. You are intelligent. You are amazing! For you to be treated like anything less is a crime!

No one is worth your tears or your pain. No one has the right to hurt you verbally, mentally or physically. No one’s words should make you fell worthless, fat, a loser or ugly because you aren’t! No one should make you try and be someone or something you’re not. No one should make you an option or a second choice. No one has the right to lead you on then disappear. No one has the right to cheat on you. No one deserves such an amazing person as you and then treat you like this.

You are amazing and deserve only the best. You deserve to feel loved, truly loved for who you are. You deserve to feel safe. You deserve to have someone treat you like you were the only woman on the planet. Someone to give you their jacket when you are cold. Someone to hold you when you cry. Someone to tell you are beautiful when you are at your worst and actually mean it. Someone who puts your needs above their own. Someone who will defend you. Someone who calls you throughout each day just to hear you voice. Someone who isn’t afraid to chase after you, because you are what they really want. Someone who proudly calls you his girlfriend/wife. Someone who has every intention to marry you. Someone who hurts when you hurt. Someone to be your best friend.

That someone is out there looking for you. They want to treat you the right way. They wants you to be their princess. And they are just waiting to fall in love with you. I promise!

Keep your head up. They are on their way, even as you are reading this.


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