Recently, I’m doing some reflection regarding on how i act these past few days. From the beginning of this year, i’ve felt alone, confused, stressed, and MEAN. I’ve been careless and unaware of the people who  loves me and i just focused on what i want, and daydreaming instead of making the dream happen.

” Hindi habang buhay na lagi kaming nandyan para sau..kailangan mong matuto…kailangan mong harapin ang realidad. “

I admit that i’m afraid to face the reality. That it’s not always happy and my parents, friends, classmates, teachers, and other people would stay in my life forever. I need to stand on my own as early as now. I see myself as a dependable, immature girl but on what is happening right now, i need to adjust more and be on my own. I need to learn more, and don’t rush things because they will happen in the right place , and in the right time. As for now, i would improve myself and learn through the happiness and harshness brought by reality.



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