Time flies quickly.

Last may 1 2012 tuesday, my cousins went back home in mindoro. All of us are sad most especially me and cousins, since we’ll miss each other badly. I know that one month is already long for us to bond, but it seems that it’s not enough for us. Time flies so quickly, and our mindoro and quirino vacation seems like   it’s all just a dream.

I missed those times when we laugh about nonsense things, our vacation in mindoro, the time when we watched hunger games in robinsons and was postponed 2 times because of technical problems in the cinema, our quirino-banaue trip, when we went to tagaytay, and so on. And yes, i cried when my cousins left that day. Call that emotional, OA, or whatever, but that’s how i love my cousins. And i saw in their eyes that they are sad too- one of my cousins cried the night before before they left our house. How i wished that a time machine exists ! No matter how much it is, even a million dollars, i will buy it ! yeah Seriously xD, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

But hey, they are planning to come ? ( i think ESCAPE is more appropriate ) again this second week of may, and unfortunately, they can’t come to my birthday, since my cousin have a test on that day. : | <.  But that's okay, what's important is they will try to come back again. : )

I can’t wait to see my cousins again ! : >



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