My last year as a teenager.

Yesterday, i just turned 19 and the celebration was FUN. Although the celebration was simple, we enjoyed  and the greetings ! i was really surprised though, that people i didn’t expect greet me by text, and some are phone calls ( well, missed calls actually ,and it’s my fault. my cp is in silent mode ) . I’m so happy and blessed that i’m always in good health whenever i celebrate my birthday, and i thank Lord for that : > )))

I also recieved a surprise gift from my parents, a chicken soup book and PHR !  i remembered when my sister told me that she will give her friend a chicken soup book as a gift and she made me choose in the bookstore. I was a bit disappointed because i really want that book and i really thought it was for her friend, until i recieved  their gift. I also recieved a card from my sister : D it was really memorable.

I hope that there will be more birthdays to come for me, and i hope that my last year as a teenager would be amazing : )). * and my love life too ! *


1 thought on “My last year as a teenager.

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