Wonder nature ( trip to coron palawan ).

” Unexpected plans are far better than the expected . “

I remember when i was in grade 5, i was looking in one of my mom’s magazine and saw an article about the writer’s experience in coron palawan. ” ang ganda naman dito. makakapunta kaya ako dito ? siguro hindi. ang mahal eh . ” I never thought that i will be going in coron until years later, it happened . : D

You can say that my family are ” avid travellers ” as my previous posts are dead giveaways. But who’s complaining ? in fact, i’m really happy that my parents are fond in travelling to other places, including my siblings ( and me ofcourse ). Last november, my mom came across a website which offers discounted tour packages here in the philippines . ( cleverbuy.com ) . And boom ! my parents arranged everything with the agency, and last may 30, 2012, we’re off to coron ! : >

Arrival at Buswanga , coron airport.
After 30 mins of our plane travel, we finally arrived at coron palawan ! : > Their airport, which is situated in buswanga, is very far from their city proper. ( which is kind of unexpected, since most towns have their airports in their city proper ) It was a 30 minute travel to their city and also the location of our hotel. The road travel was awesome, ; just seeing the green mountains and virgin forests that we passed by, took our breath away.
 Darayonan hotel . 
We arrived at the hotel around lunch time, but we didn’t take our lunch in the hotel because it’s a bit pricey. We decided to visit one of the restaurants in the city, and after lunch , we took a stroll in the city. : >

Coron’s municipality hall .

We went back to our hotel after and we took a rest. In the afternoon, we went in maquinit hot springs. It was my first time to visit a hot spring, and we later found out that the hot spring’s temperature is 41 degrees  ! At first i was hesitant to take a swim in the spring, but when me and my sister tried, it was fun and we realize that your body will get used to the temperature . The water of the spring is said to be medicinal , and according to one of the locals living there, you can boil an egg in the spring ! a big WOW. : >
 Maquinit hot springs
After our tour in the hot springs, we went back to our hotel to have a night swim in their swimming pool. Relax mode : on /


Darayonan’s swimming pool at night
  • May 31 2012 : Island hopping .

On this day, we’re off to five islands, and it was a blast ! Although i was a bit disappointed that morning, because it was raining and i thought that the island hopping would not be fun. But i was wrong – the moment we step into the boat , the rain stopped and the weather cooperated with the rest of our trip. yay ! : >

Snorkeling : more fun in coron palawan : >

On our first destination for the trip, we went snorkeling, and it was AWESOME. It was my first time to snorkel , and so are  my siblings and at first, i was a bit scared, because i thought that the creatures below would snap right infront of me. ( crazy idea i guess ) Our tour guide also went snorkeling and also went with us to assist. ( by the way, we’re not the only ones in the tour, there are also two other groups and they went snorkeling too ) . It’s like you’re swimming inside the aquarium , and the best part, i’ve seen tons of NEMO ( clown fish ) in the corals below. If only i had an underwater camera , i can took many pictures of those wonderful corals and creatures. I even saw a creature which looks like a snake, a coral shaped of a heart, and many more. I’m happy that the people preserve their coral reefs  because, for me, it’s a treasure that must be taken care of.
 One of coron’s limestone formations

Our next destination : twin lagoon, one of the major attractions in coron. I had seen it in postcards a lot, and it’s always included in a bunch of ” it’s more fun in the Philippines ”  pics. And it’s no wonder why it’s included : The place was AMAZING. The lagoon is nestled in limestones formation, which is the calis mountain, and according to our tourist guide, the lagoon is 45 ft deep.

 The entrance to twin lagoon ( credits to the photo’s owner . )
Note : We didn’t take pictures in the lagoon, for the safety of our camera ( it might fall in the water or get lost ) so i decided to find a pic in the net to show you the entrance to the lagoon. : >
It’s like going into an another world when we went in the lagoon. The water is half salt, half fresh water since the lagoon is connected to the sea, so there are parts in the lagoon that are cold, and warm. It’s really relaxing and fun to swim there, seeing the majestic limestone formation around the lagoon. Spell awesome : T-W-I-N  L-A-G-O-O-N. : D D D
After that, we spent our lunchtime in the 3rd island ( i forgot the name ) and the view there is great too : > Picture taking mode : ON
      Jumpshot ! : )))    

 After our lunch, we went to our last destination :the kayangan lake, and also one of the major attractions in coron, and i’ve also seen this in a lot of postcards. The lake is situated at the back of the limestone mountain, so there would be a short trek to reach the lake.

View from the top of the mountain where the kayangan lake is situated . 
After the hiking, we finally arrived at kayangan lake !and same as twin lagoon, it was AWESOME. This time, the water in the lake is whole fresh water, and to add to our fun, there is a cave beneath the limestone mountain surrounding the lake, however, we only went in the opening of the cave because our tour guide told us that we can’t go further because she didn’t brought a flashlight : < ( too bad : < i really wanna explore the cave ) but it didn’t dampen our spirits to enjoy the relaxing view and clear waters of the lake.

Beautiful kayangan lake : D D

  • June 1 2012 : Tour to Mt. tapias and our last day in coron : <

Since this is our last day in coron, we decided to make the most out of it : we visit Mt . tapias, one of the popular attractions in coron. We didn’t just visit , but we CLIMBED , yes , the 700 steps to the peak of Mt tapias. And the climb ‘s all worth it : >

      The climb to Mt. tapias
 View from the top of Mt tapias.
Our trip to coron was surely unforgettable and I’m really glad that at last ! I’ve been to coron where I’ve  just seen it in postcards and magazines  a long time ago.  My parents said that they wanna go back there again but this time – with my cousins ! how cool was that ? ( and i’m really hoping for it ! ) and I can proudly say that travelling : MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES : D D

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