Can’t get over.

This summer was probably the best that had happened in my 19 years of existence. From our mindoro vacation, to our coron trip, from our bonding moments with my cousins, seeing my HS friends once again, passing all my subjects last sem ( and almost a dean’s lister ), and  unexpected happenings, I can’t believe that it’s over. It’s like everything that had happened to me this summer was all just a dream.

Mindoro vacation : An EPIC vacation. HAHAHA : D D

Quirino and Banaue adventure :  > 

Bonding moments with cousins and my HS friends : D D

Coron palawan getaway : D 

I’m so thankful that God let this all happened to me. This happiness may be shallow to others, but to me, it’s next to perfect. The *epic moments * in my mindoro and qurino-banaue adventure and the * drama moments * that happened before our mindoro vacation, adds spice to my summer  and the reason why summer 2012 is truly memorable. ” Ang hirap makagetover pramis !  kaya nga sobrang lungkot ko this june, kasi pasukan na at tapos na ang lahat. ” But one thing for sure : this summer taught me one of the most important lessons in life : to cherish each day and to spend it with your loved  ones. Good luck for me this coming school year and i hope that next year, summer 2013 would be awesome like this one : >


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