Reflecting on my old diary.

My diary is a deep ocean of secrets : ))

So, while i was fixing my clothes in my closet, i found my old diary, which covers the end of my elementary days  and majority of my highschool life. ” Ang dami na palang nangyari ” was all i could say after reading some of my entries there. Just looking at my diary brought me back in time – from my grade six life, where i lost my friends because of my insecurity and immaturity, and during my highschool days where i learned to cherish my friends and gain them – up until today. I also remembered my first heartbreak with a friend and became a ” bridge ” between him and one of my best friends ( major ouch ) however, after 7 months, they broke up. I moved on after that, until i met xander, and again, another heartbreak </3. It was painful back on those days, but now, i just laughed about it. LOL : p

I missed those times when i was still writing in my diary, and i don’t do it now, since i have this blog : )). ( and i’m lazy to write i guess ) . While i was reading my diary, it’s like reading a story of a young teenage girl who is having the time of her life, and learning from it. If i could just go back and tell to my teenage self about the things she must do, i would, and maybe everything would change. But i realized that there’s no thrill in life if everything goes your way. You won’t learn and most especially, you won’t grow into a better person.

Don’t let the storm pass away, but learn to dance in the rain :)) 

 And still, i proud of my scars and my imperfections. With them i learn and mature. I know that i can’t go back to make things right, and my expectations on those days didn’t happen, but still, I’m happy and my life is a lot better today. : ))


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