May kanya kanya tayong swerte sa buhay. Hindi porket minalas ka eh nasa iyo na lahat ng problema sa mundo.

There’s this blog that i stalk almost every week not because i’m obsessed with the owner of the blog ( the owner is a girl, btw ) but because she inspires me through her personal posts about her life. I realized that the people whom we thought have a perfect life, the people who always smile and joke around, are actually the ones who faces the most difficult situations in life. : ( I know. Reality sucks.

I felt sad for her,ofcourse, when i thought she have it all – good looks, personality, and lots of followers. There are many times that i envy her , that was before, until  i read her post about her family and her failed relationship with a guy. This time, i didn’t envy her nor feel sad about her, but she inspired me, and realize that in every person, there’s a painful story.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

I won’t mention the girl’s name, for the sake of her privacy, but really, she inspired me a lot and i began to appreciate the little things in life. Thank you for inspiring me, and i wish you all the best. God speed. !  

keep calm and carry on : ))


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