Ironberks memories

It’s been a long time since i bonded with my childhood barkada- the ironberks. Recently, my sister post a pic of us together with the ironberks on FB. Nostalgia went through  me as i look on that picture, remembering my childhood days and how inseparable we are. That was a long time ago, and it’s really sad to think about it, i really miss my childhood days : (((

I think it’s impossible for us to be complete again since some of them moved in another village and we’re all grown ups now. The rest who stayed, even though we are neighbors, we barely see each other since we’re busy with our lives. There’s a part of me that wants to go back to those days where we don’t care about the world and just go with the flow and be happy. The days where we played tamaang tao , tumbang preso, and other games throughout the afternoon, and sometimes we still play at 8 ‘o clock in the evening. That’s how happy i was during my childhood days, the time when i learned to gain friends , keep them, and love them : >
anyways, here’s a video of us that i made 3 years ago. I really miss them : (

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