from the girl in love into one fearless daydreamer

And again, out of boredom, i changed my url and my blog title : > Since this is my blog and i voice out what i want to express, not just those bittersweet memories that happens in my life, from thatgirlcrizel to crizeldaspeaks : ))   And from the girl in love, i decide to be one fearless daydreamer . I want to change my perpective in life – i want to be fearless and take more risks. For me, being fearless is not about being afraid of nothing, but rather you’re afraid of something, but you conquer it. Being fearless is being mature, open minded, a sign of growing up. I think that when you’re fearless, you’re actually began to live your life.

A girl who is not afraid of getting hurt or rejected again, A person who’s not afraid of getting disappointed because things didn’t go her way, a student who will try harder in her studies, and a dreamer who will never give up reaching her dreams : ))

Here comes the new me : )) DEAL WITH IT.


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