3 years…..and still counting.

Happy birthday to my blog ! *wee 3 years naa : )) . Even if i moved this blog to blogger for the past months, i still returned to where i started : ) . This online diary have been a witness to my memories, fail love life, bitter moments, happy moments, and , randomness that makes up my life story. There are times that i backread on my posts and i told myself ” wow ! a LOT has changed. ” and sometimes, i get sad because time has flied so fast and i feel like i wanna go back to those happy memories : )  So it’s like travelling through time. : >

Anyways, i hope wordpress won’t shut down in the next 50 years ! 🙂 I’ll keep on blogging even if my hair turns gray : > you can quote me on that.


A proud blogger here and always will be : >


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