A merry 2012 Christmas and Happy new year. ( Photo diary)





IMG_2922      IMG_2926

1. At Caleruega, Batangas.

2. Wacky pose. LOL.

3.  Another wacky shot with my brother and sister : )

4.  Food trip at Caleruega.

5.  With my tita and my sister. : )

6. Our special *handa* for the new year party.

7.  my brother watching our *fireworks* . yep. i know it’s a little blurred.


– * TSS I DON’T HAVE PHOTOS OF OUR *GANGNAM PARTY*.  That waaas… THE SPECIAL PART OF MY NEW YEAR . : (  * Blame my parents for not taking many pictures. * insert sad face here *.

Last Christmas and new year seems new to me, because we’re not used celebrating it without my cousins : ( But still, we enjoyed it and there had been * Fail * moments happened along our vacation.  That celebration was indeed, a merry one and a good year-ender for all of us ( Add the gangnam party with my family and friends. : D and the gangnam dance ! FTW. LOL. ). Hope next Christmas and new year would be awesome like this one, and this time, i hope my cousins would celebrate with us too ! : DD