Twenty thirteen.

* An open letter to the year of the water snake. *

Dear 2013,

I don’t want to expect a lot from you since i know that expectations leads to disappointments. But that doesn’t stop me from hoping – that you would become nice to me and bring happy moments that will turn into unforgettable memories. I know that every year of my life brought me heartaches – it’s normal in every human being but please this time, lessen it, okay ? I’m tired of those Failing grades , friendzone shits, and others that makes me cry.  : (


But i know that like the past years, i would learn a lot from you. Yes, i would experience pain and forever alone moments, but  let me more experience happiness – the unexpected moments like from 2012. Please  Let me enjoy your year and live it in a wonderful way- together with my family, friends, and all of those people that are close to my heart. Let me understand and found new hope in every situation, and of course, find my true love : )) ( CHOS ! ) well hopefully , find happiness in everything. : >


Well, 2013, i’m ready to face you and bring it on ! the whimsical girl is ready to flood this blog with memories that you will brought : )


Cheers to 2013, and happy new year, everyone : )


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