I didn’t get a chance to see the DKFC, but still, we can watch them through fancams : > ( our only happiness for those who didn’t watch the concert ) And, i literally cried just watching those videos, i mean can you imagine the feeling if you’re there – SEEING THEM LIVE AND SINGING THEIR AWESOME SONGS ? asdfghjkl for those who went to the concert – I ENVY ALL OF YOU. You’ve just spent the most memorable day of your life : )))

The best cover of open arms :)) daebak ! :))

AND THIS ONE ^. ASDFGHJKL . They just sang hawak kamay how did they memorize it it’s a tagalog song ! they’re awsome ! Gahd i wished i really went there ! and then you can hear the crowd singing along with them. : ))))  EXO, you won the hearts of many Filipinos by singing that song !


AND THIS ONE. ^ I REALLY CRIED ON THIS PART. Why did i miss this once – in a lifetime concert and OMG tiffany’s brother is in the crowd and according to my friends who watched the concert ( they’re in the VIP section by the way ) they look like living dolls !  I don’t know what will happen to me if i see them live and the rest of the groups who performed there ! *fangirl screeeeam *.

I got a news that there would be a DKFC part 2 and SUJU would be there ! and I’ll promise  that I WOULD GO TO THAT CONCERT AND I’LL START SAVING UP MONEY. NOW.

Can’t wait for that to happen ! : )))))

* credits to the people who uploaded these fancams : ) *


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