Can’t believe it.

So, our midterms results was given and holy cheesecakes ! OMOOO I don’t have fail grades for the first time and it’s really shocking cause i didn’t review well for the midterms exams ! I hope my finals won’t go wrong and my grades won’t be lower than my midterms . I’ll strive to get high grades pramis yan ! * lalo na’t sinabe ng mga parents ko na bibilhan na nila na ako ng bagong phone ! * wooooh. * party party mode *.


* oh wait, there’s more *.


Kainis lang tlga kasi nandun na nga yung OPPORTUNITY, pinalagpas ko pa kasi umiral nanaman ang pakipot effect ko. DUH crizelda. That’s so oldies di na uso yan. But i can’t help it. It’s just that…..i’m not comfortable and i really don’t want to show it first. </3.


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