I’m the type of girl,

Who don’t make the first move. I want to feel that i don’t pressure you to be with me because i know that it may annoy you and you’ll leave me. I’m afraid to be rejected, or be a needy and a clingy girl because you might get irritated with me and you might say bad things to me.

Ayoko ng maulit yung dati. Yung ako yung unang umamin, kasi babae ako eh. Conservative ako pagdating sa ganyan, tsaka pag gusto ko ang isang tao….hindi ako nagpapahalata or kinukulit ko siya na pansinin niya ako. Gusto ko ako naman yung hinahabol, yung ako yung liligawan kahit ba uso na ngayon na ang mga babae na ang ” nanliligaw “. 

And that’s why i prefer the old times, the old ways of courtship, where everything seems sincere and pure, and you know right away that it comes from the heart.  When relationships makes SENSE,  unlike today where people just go into a relationship because they want to be IN, or just simply out of curiosity or just wanna have ” fun “. ( you know what i mean about that ) I’m not the girl who’s into short term relationships and if, i would have a boyfriend, i want him to be my first and last, just like what happened to my mom, my dad is her last first love : )))

Maybe i’ll just focus more on my studies and i’m a lot inspired now to study because my performance in midterms was good : ) and again i got a lucky 100 again for the second time in Pol Gov : ).


But still, i’m confused about my feelings ….still clueless…..siya na ba talaga ? or isang laro nanaman ? heartbroken nanaman ba ako for the third tym ? 

Dying to know, but afraid to find out : (




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