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Photo quotes that caught my attention ( and heart )






Many memories flooded in my mind when i saw this photos. On the first photo, i remembered my life when i was in grade school , when me and my bestfriend at that time promised to be friends forever, but comes to a sad ending, and didn’t last even for a year. I remembered our sisterhood, our jokes, everything- which now became a happy and painful memory.

I also remembered ” x” , our short term friendship,  and my feelings for him. I moved on a long time ago, but i still miss our friendship although it just lasted for over a year ( we didn’t talk to each other ever since after my 3rd year HS but he still texts me after and now, gone ) and i remembered when i wrote him a letter LOL i can’t believe that i did all those things and confesses my feelings for him. It was a bit funny, sad, and bittersweet at the same time.


And for the second photo….oops..happens NOW. But i’m afraid- why can’t he say it first, and besides i’m not really sure about it. Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe not at all. Pwede sa kin naman aamin yung tao ? kaya nga nakabantay na ako lage eh….kasi alam ko na if i’ll keep this tough facade….maybe i won’t be hurt again…but true to my nature, like what my friend said, tough on the outside, but soft and fragile on the inside. * my heart is a secret garden , and the walls are very high. Only one sincere person who is willing to do anything and won’t give up on me would enter my garden ” 


The question is, who ? Is there really someone who would do that ? Is that person here ? I just want to know ….


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