And for the first time.

Last week, Feb 28 2013, we performed our living gallery in Bellarmine hall for our project in human rights. We haven’t even practiced, and it was an on-the-spot performance and we just talked about on what we’re gonna do on that day. I was asked to act on forced labor and little did i know that it was a freaking exposure for me O.O.


Although I’ve had performed when i was in high school, it’s not that huge unlike this one and my roles are just minor characters but this ONE O. O  I can’t believe i performed that way ! there’s no script and i was in total panic before we perform and i guess everyone was shocked ( including me ) on what i did there. I think the main reason for that is I’m just a nobody say, not that active in class and I’m shy in performing infront of a crowd but i guess i was just pressured at that time and i tried to imitate those actors in kdramas : P LOL.


And our prof showed the video of our performance awhile ago and again , i’m the hotseat at that time. Good thing i came late and i didn’t watch the video. I can’t take seeing myself acting that way. *Shocking pramis ! * And i think everyone in my class either laughed or praised my performance IDK but still i’m not used to it. OH WELL PAPEL. Life goes on. Hope my finals would be good !

And by the way, our prof said that our performance is one of the best 🙂 and she’s going to show it to other class too ! hahaha. *Blushing girl here* and wow, what an achievement for me and for my classmates ! way to go :)))


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