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My Fandoms. ( Day 1 ) SONE.

And now, here i am, relieving stress through spazzing and fangirling over and over in this fandoms ! So i’ll have a fandom challenge and tell the reason why i became obsessed in the following fandoms :


The perks of  being a fangirl. DEAL WITH IT BITCHES :))

And the first fandom that i would talk about is : BEING A SONE / S♥NE.

From 2010 and still counting…I’m so happy that I’m part of this fandom :)) You can never cross a fandom where a group of fangirls and fanboys ! all gather and do the impossible just to support the 9 girls that touched our hearts : ))


 I became a SONE the moment i listened to their songs. I remembered back in HS when i was just into K dramas, not in Kpop. It was then until the songs ” Nobody, Gee, sorry sorry and Oh ! ”  hit our school -(  and the whole country too i think : > ) went viral and one of the sections in our batch performed nobody in our school ! The first k pop song i liked is nobody, but Gee remained in me and i think that’s what you called the LSS effect : D  After that, i listened to their other songs and poof ! I became a SONE and I’m proud of it. 짱 !

Listening to their songs is not enough – i followed every fan base, watch their variety shows, dramas, etc. Yeah, that’s what you call spazzing ! : ))

But honestly, it’s not only the songs and the variety shows that brought me to them , it’s their personality that outshines other groups and how they brought themselves in a funny and pretty way. : > And i think that’s why they are called the ” dorks” and labeled by some people as the ” funniest girl group” in kpop. : DD Banjjak Banjjak !


My Top 5 songs :

1. Gee

2. Baby Baby

3. Kissing you

4. The boys

5. All my love for you 🙂

Oh cmon. All of their songs are my favorite 🙂 So if you wanna listen to songs that will let you remember your first love or feel a fresh feminine vibe, then SNSD is PERFECT FOR YOU : >

Hwaiting ! : > SNSD 사랑해요♥


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