What a week.

So this week was kind of hectic and CRAAAAZY.  Maybe because next week is our finals, and to add the steam, our group in filipino is not working well, and it was REALLY DISASTROUS LAST WEEK AND I THOUGHT WE CAN’T PASS OUR FINALS  ANYMORE : ////. One of my groupmates even said things to us like we didn’t do anything and it was really fucking annoying : // We waited for like,  6 hours for the video to be uploaded and i slept at 3 AM just to fix our project and we did noting ? : // Good thing awhile ago, she apologized to us and FINALLY my groupmate passed the edited video to us . THANK GOD : D

BUT it’s not yet the end.  Our finals is upcoming, and our revalida in pol gov :O Wish me good luck : >


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