Sadness comes in after happiness.

” sadness comes in after happiness” is one of the things that i learned  and accepted (?) in my life. Kaya ang hirap maging masaydong masaya, kasi susunod naman, sobrang kalungkutan. Last summer, everything was almost to perfection and now….it really hurts </3.  My uncle lost his job, i’ll take summer class…AND AGAIN. I’m not sure if I passed all my subjects this sem. What i hate about myself is that i kept on promising that I’ll do my best and I’ll prioritize my studies but i don’t keep it. I don’t know what would happen next…i really don’t know what to think anymore. I don’t know if i deserve to experience that summer again or deserve just an inch of happiness knowing that despite the sadness, happiness will come in. I just want a time where i can shut down everything what’s going on right now, and be myself. Be happy. Is that a lot to ask ? : (


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