3.26.13 @ Tagaytay.

This day was super duper FUUUN 🙂 together we celebrated my brother’s graduation from elementary and so we went to tagaytay for some chilling out time : > and as usual, like our other get together’s , it was FUN FUN FUN 😀









So first we went to RSM and it was kind of nostalgic since the last time we had been there was 8 or 9 years ago and the moment we went there I was like ” Oh wow ! everything changed ! ” and i don’t recognize it anymore but the changes are GOOD 🙂 In fact, some random group sing songs to us with guitar and other stuffs and we didn’t need to request for a song for them to sing since they sang one of our favorite songs ! what makes you beautiful ! and OMO me and my sister was kind of shocked when one of the singers said before they sang they song ” oh let’s do the one direction ” and it’s like they know already that we are a big fan of the band ! a BIG round of applause for them ! *clap clap clap* Too bad i didn’t record a video of them singing 😦 maybe next time ! hope they’ll sing again a 1D song ! : D

After our luch, we went to little souls convent, and the chapel there is really cute 🙂 and very relaxing :> a perfect place to pray.


                                                             Little souls chapel 🙂 

And next, we went to mahogany market to buy some plants and fruits and finally ! we went to Sky Fun, a mini amusement park ( not totally finished yet ) where the tallest ferris wheel in our country is located. And their DEADLY SUPER VIKING :OO. OH EM GEEEEEE It was super duper scary although tons of thrill ! but compared to the super viking in MOA and in enchanted kingdom, this one is the scariest ! it feels like everything in your system will throw up ! But still, our FUN there didn’t stop :))


The sky eye :)) 


Our experience in the SUPEEEER VIKING. An awesome and a scary ride !

After our scary experience there at the super viking, we chill out first by drinking buko shake, one of my faves ! : > After that, we rode on the Sky eye and the view up there was really really amazing 🙂 Taal lake view and the world’s smallest volcano FTW ! : D



View from the sky eye 🙂 

We end our day out by going to the newly bulit ayala mall in dasma and we took dinner there at mcdonalds : ) Me and my sister also did a lot of *fangirling* after seeing the poster of nickhun at bench ! waaaaaaah * :)) LOL when we screamed after seeing the poster many people gave us weird looks and just like ” WTF happened to those girls ” EPIC. :p

So this day, was a lot of fun, and of course, memorable most especially for my brother : D ! Congrats  bro !

Looking for our baler trip this april ! coming soon. * but still nervous for my grades this finals * Hope i passed !


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