4.13.13 @ Festival.

* sorry i have no pictures for this post : ( *

So anyway, we went to festival and it’s been a long time since i went there. First we went to X-site to ride the roller coaster and it was fun 🙂 Then We went to pixie forest to and entered Fun house, which is not really a house, but a ride. There’s a Big Swing ( ? ) ( I don’t know how to call it but the moment we rode on that swing, it was a thrilling experience and the awesome part is the effects inside there that makes you think that the house is turning upside down. I wanna ride that again ! 🙂 LOL.

We went also at the karaoke rooms there, and after that, we went to mass. After the mass, we went to mcdo to eat our late merienda, since we got there 7Pm ( i guess or 7:30 ) and we ate cheeseburger ( again. haha. ) After that, we went window shopping and proceed to national bookstore to buy PHR pocketbooks ! yay! 🙂 The Sad part is that the latest issue of sparkling is not yet available. huhu T.T.

Never the less, we had lots of fun and it’s really awesome when you share those moments with your family and crazy cousins 😛 Hope that my cousins will be here on my  birthday this may ! or if not, maybe third week of may, before classes start. That would be tons of fun ! 😀


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