Survivor for a week ( Mangyan Immersion )

* sorry for this long post :p LOL. *


I’ve been to many adventures – mostly with my family. But this is different, a lot harder, but exciting. But one thing for sure, this is one unforgettable experience and I absolutely learned a lot from it 🙂

  • Preparation – April 26 – 27 2013

– So on these days, i was kinda bit nervous and excited at the same time for the upcoming immersion. I made a checklist, Prepared my things, and hoping for the best. I thought that if the immersion would turned out happy and unforgettable, then it would be an advanced birthday gift to me, and yes, it did :DD.

  • Day 1 – April 28 2013. Sunday

–  The day of our trip ! It was my first time to go to mindoro without my family- and it was a bit nostalgic while travelling to mindoro because i remembered lots of memories, most especially my cousins, since they live there, but sadly, we didn’t meet due to conflict schedules 😦


IMG_3187                                  IMG_3186 



Posing …..On board :p 

Highest Moments :

– Throughout the trip, i enjoyed my bonding with my friends ( two of them are my groupmates ) and I missed travelling to mindoro, so getting there was really a lot of fun 😀

Lowest Moments :

– MY SUPER EFFIN HEAVY BAGGAGE. : /// It was really hard for me most especially when we walk from the pier to the roro enduring the weight of my super heavy backpack and the blue bag . Add also our trip to the market, we bought so many things , and again,a heavy luggage : / ( It’s really bad for me since I have scoliosis, but i endured it and thankfully, my bones didn’t break. LOL )

– Still, i enjoyed that day and I was really looking forward to our immersion 🙂 and BTW, i also enjoyed our stay at the monastery 😀



Benedictine Monastery , Salong, Oriental Mindoro. 

Day 2 : April 29 2013 : The Immersion day !  ( Monday. )

The day has come ! A bit nervous and excited as i pack my things first thing in the morning ( we also went to mass at 6 AM. ) Then after taking breakfast, I did my last check on my things and when everyone’s done, we took off to the market again to buy some things only for 30 mins. After that, we proceed to a gasoline station to buy kerosene, then we went to a nearby Ice plant to fill our coolers with ice, then off we went to sitio belen, naujan where the immersion will take place :)))

Everyone had been busy after the final instructions from our prof . We learned to cook in the pugon, fend for ourselves, fetching water and for me, thanks to my friend, i learned to take a bath by using only one pail of water. And it worked : D ( thank heavens ) . We had an early dinner and also an early bedtime. By 8 ‘ o clock PM, all the boys will leave the kubo and proceed to one of the houses there to spend the rest of the night. There had been some unfortunate and ‘ scary moments ‘ at that time when we lost ? ( stolen i think ) our knife, and there are children there ( the tagalog ones )  who stole some of the things from my other classmates. Fortunately, nothing bad happened and the rest of the night went well.

– Highest moments :

 Along the trip, me and my friend took a lot of pictures of the scenery and I really missed the nature of mindoro : ) In the immersion, My learning experience is also one of my highest moments on this day, like cooking in the pugon, etc. It was an amazing experience.

– Lowest moments.

I can say that most of us have a hard time in adjusting ourselves to live like those mangyans in the area. Many of us, me especially, complained about the heat, in the cooking, etc. I guess I’m not really used to things like that, and its my first time to provide food and everything for myself and for others as well.

Another lowest ( and funny 😀 ) moments are during our bath sessions and answering the ” call of nature ” . It was really hard, from getting water and the comfort room there is…… I don’t know if you’ll call it a ” comfort ” room since there’s no water, and the place is not that clean. But still, we managed to do our buisness and there are some ” funny and  embarrassing ” moments and i won’t share it here ofcourse. :p LOL.



One of the mangyan houses in sitio belen. 

Day 3 : April 30, 2013 ( tuesday )

On this day, we went to a spring and to get there, we must endure the 1 – hour trek under the morning sun. I was kind of excited to get there although we started our trek at 9 AM so the sun is not that , you know healthy for the skin anymore and it was reallly hot : /  The view along the way is really really wonderful,  seeing those mountains and green fields, very relaxing : )


   After that hiking, finally we reached the spring and honestly, It’s far from what i had expected. I’m not saying that i didn’t like the place, its just that i thought it would be bigger and similar to a spring we went before, also in mindoro. ( Lantuyan , in Baco ) but never the less, i enjoyed my stay in there and i think everyone had a lot of fun in that spring 🙂


When we went back to our Kubo ( Bahay Lakoy ) we did again our usual routines : preparing for lunch, which includes again cooking in the pugon while enduring the heat , etc. After our lunch, we began our first interaction with a mangyan family. ( the choice of family is ours, btw. ) In a house which is a bit far from our kubo, we interviewed ate nora and her family. ( That time, the husband of ate nora is not present because he’s at work, gathering calamansi ) . We learned from ate nora the mangyan’s way of living there, how they survive, the education in that area, and other stuffs. I feel sympathy for them because that time, her younget son has UTI and has a high fever. Thankfully, one of my groupmates gave him a biogesic and we told ate nora to let him drink a lot of water. The interaction went well, and when night came, we ate our early dinner, and by 8 in the evening, all the boys went in different mangyan houses to spend the night there.

– Highest moments :

During our trip to the spring, and enjoying the cool and refreshing water of the spring. Add also the amazing view we saw during the hiking and taking ( again ) lots of pictures. Another highest moment also is our first interaction with a mangyan family, and learning new things from them.

– Lowest moments :

There are some moments during our hiking which was a bit annoying ( we left the kubo at 9 AM , for me it would be better if we left earlier than 9 since the sun is already too high at 9 AM onwards ) because of the heat and me and my friend almost got lost way back to our kubo after the spring thing. ( thank goodness our classmates are just near to us when we are hiking back to the kubo ) .

We are not yet fully adjusted to the immersion, so the preparation for the food, the bathing time, etc, is still a bit hard for us, but we managed to do all those things : )

  • Day 4. May 1 2013, Wednesday. 

On this day, we woke up early to help my groupmates prepare for breakfast, since two of my groupmates would be leaving early for another market trip in calapan. Before lunchtime, me and my friend, the ones who are left, cooked rice and at first we can’t find our rice so we asked a group if we could have  some of their rice, and they gave us : )). We also went back to ate nora to give some of our adobo, which was our dinner last night, and we went to a nearby store to charge our gadgets ( good thing the owner of the store let us. Thanks ! ) .   When my two groupmates returned from the market trip, we prepared for lunch, and our lunch at that time is sardines, and then, the ” unlucky incident ” happened.

While preparing, ” someone” put the can of sardines beside by bag and my another bag which contains my valuables. Then , a classmate of mine walked in that part ( i was outside at that time, washing our spoons and forks ) and accidentally kicked the can , which caused the sardines to splatter….all over my two bags. ( buti hindi naubos yung sardinas namin. Sobrang malas naman kung nangyare yun ) My classmate apologized, but i don’t blame him. The annoying part is the smell of the sardines all over my bag and i poured lots of alcohol and stuffs just to make the smell go away, which was a bit successful. 🙂

The rest day of the day went well, as usual, we prepared early for dinner, and for our bath time, i took a bath beside a mangyan house which have an overflowing water and many of us took a bath there. It was a lot easier than taking a bath in the CR beside the construction site, only that we took bath there with our clothes on since it’s an open space.

Highest moments.

– The day was like the other day, we did the usual routine, so there’s nothing special happened to us, but i enjoyed the company of my classmates and my groupmates as we live outside of our comfort zone, and it was fun watching all  my classmates learn to survive and every night, we had a laughtrip time with my friends before going to sleep. ( the ‘ chikahan time ‘ and my friend also told me horror stories that’s why I’m a bit scared every night. LOL )

Lowest moments .

– The sardines incident. ( hahaha ) yes it really annoyed me at first but now it was kind of funny when i remember it. That’s why whenever i see a can of sardines, i always remember that incident. LOL.

– I guess the ‘ bathing time ‘ and the preparation for the food is kinda difficult so well, ……we just get used to it.

Day 5 . May 2, 2013 ( Thursday )

This is our last whole day in mindoro, and i was a bit excited to go home since our way of living there is just getting harder. LOL just kidding not harder but a bit ” uncomfortable” for us. We did the usual routines, and there are also some funny moments along the way, like my ‘ shaving incident’ and the time when me and my friend bathed in the mangyan’s house which has a flowing water, and we get dressed in another mangyan’s house. ( it was really embarrassing ) . Before we get dressed in their CR, apparently, someone was taking a bath there and the mother of that person ( i think ) tells him to hurry up since we will get dressed there. LOL we feel really really sorry for that guy. :p

Highest moment :

– Our last bonding there with my classmates, and the ‘ bathing incident ‘. 😀

Lowest moment :

– well, the ‘ bathing incident ‘ also goes to this category, because it was a bit embarrassing for us .

Day 6. May 3 2013 ( last day of immersion ) .

We’re all sad that our immersion has finally come to an end 😦 When we reached alabang, all of us are like ” Is it over ? ” or “did it all happen ? seriously ? ” . Maybe because we really enjoyed the immersion, although we encountered many difficulties, we learned a lot from it : D


So far, i think this is the best thing, second is the cheering and the integ, that has happened to me in my college life : ) I hope that my last year in college would be awesome and truly unforgettable, like this one 🙂



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