Wonder May.

So far, this month has been good- totally good ! We celebrated mother’s day, and my 20th birthday ( huhu. goodbye teenage life ! T. T )

  • May 10 2013 : Sunday .

On this day we presented a surprise video for our mom and she thought that we’re gonna watch a horror movie, so the surprise was really successful 🙂 Thanks to my sister and my brother who cooperated with me to make the video : ) yey ! 😀

  • May 11 2013 : Monday.

We went to watercamp and it’s been 3 years since we went there :p LOL. The funny thing is, the place is just near to us. hmmm. Maybe because we’ve been to a lot of faraway places during the previous summers ( the quirino and banaue trip last year, for example : P ) We had a lot of fun and the video surprise is not enough, so we gave our mom a mother’s day card : )) . I enjoyed the wave pool, by the way 😀


  • May 15, 2013 : Wednesday .

My birthday ! actually, i feel nothing special on this day since we were finishing our project for our immersion, and i didn’t tell anybody on school ( except my friend ) that it’s my birthday, but still, i got tons of greetings from FB, texts, calls, twitter, etc. I’m a bit sad because my teenage years are finally over, and i’m completely an adult :((( . But its okay because I’m still young at heart and still babyfaced :)) LOL.




My 20th birthday cake. Made with love ❤

I also recieved a cute card from my family, a cute cup from my cousins, and the biggest surprise is i have a new phone now ! samsung s duos :))))MY DREAM :DD. At first, i thought that their gift would be a blouse, and i was wrong :)) wow. i think it’s a price for me for passsing Pol gov :DDD LOL. feeling much. hahaha.

I hope that my birthday wishes would come true and more happy birthdays to come for me ! :DDD.


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