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Currently watching : Love rain.


One, two, three. In just 3 seconds, i fell inlove. ” 

And so does me. :))) I fell inlove in this drama !

“It took me 3 seconds to love someone for the first time, but to stop loving someone, it was just impossible in 3 seconds”

I really regret that i didn’t watch this last year, the moment love rain was shown and my cousin was watching it in live stream. I thought that this drama was boring and i got carried by those negative reviews from others and its low ratings in korea, but now…… omg i can’t focus now on my report and my other school stuffs because of this. The drama is really good, and it’s not boring btw, and i think that’s why this drama is a huge success overseas, and now its currently shown on my country. Daebak ! 

Right now I’m in ep 10 and i look forward so much to the happy ending. well i hope it would be a happy ending 🙂 



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