Love rain review. : >





Rating = 7/10

After weeks of watching this melodrama ( in the middle of school work, reports, and papers ) I finally finished it ! and the drama was really GOOD. At first, i really thought this drama was boring and I didn’t like much the plot, but the moment i watched it, I got attached to it, like other k dramas i had watched 🙂

Many people found the First 4 episodes boring, set in the 1970’s, but actually, those episodes moved me to tears and that’s where i feel the emotion , the pure love that was never meant to be. T.T The first sentence of the song ” somewhere down the road ” keeps playing back in my mind whenever i remembered those episodes. T.T

we had the right love at the wrong time.

But, don’t get me wrong, i LOVED every episode of this drama, and although its a melodrama, there are really funny and hilarious scenes, most of them set in the present. ( Ha na’s and Joon’s nonsense fighting.  :)) weeeeeee )

The ending is good too, although it’s not enough for me. ( whopps ! i might spoil it hahaha ).  Just watch  it ! and for those people who thought this drama is boring and don’t have the plans to watch it, i feel sorry for you guys ! you just missed a really great drama ! : D

Next drama I’m gonna watch : Rooftop prince, or flower boy next door . ( maybe after midterms : > )


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