High school memory lane.

So yesterday, i was backreading some of my posts in plurk and some brought me to tears ( awww : < ) because i missed those times, when my friends always ” hang out” in my chat box and just talk about nonsense things, and there are times that we talked about xander. LOL.  ( Of course he’s a one of the main characters in my HS life ). Some posts of mine was really funny, like for example, on how i post. *jejemon ang peg eh*. Then i also remembered when we changed our names there and replaced mythology characters , i remembered i was penelope and persephone :)) Yeah, we were really attached to our mythology lessons back then 🙂


Reading those posts makes me wanna go back to those times and experience it again the second time around. High school life, is probably, the best as of now, although i experienced many heartbreaks, I honestly say that those experiences made me who I am today. And I’m really happy about it :))


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