Happy girl here.

Yesterday, we had a defense in our psychological report, and before that, I’m ( we’re) really nervous and stressed and the bugging part is that we must have finished before or on 3PM, but guess what, we finished at 6 PM. A passing grade ( 75) was enough for me but i was shocked when i saw my score………90 !!! asdfghjkl i can’t believe i did it omfg during the defense my knees was terribly shaking and my partner even reacted on some part in my defense but later i clarified it to her. ( Well, i hope she won’t have bad feelings for me though. I just followed the results of the test ) . It was a nostalgic experience for me, i remember the pol gov days, especially when i got a 100, not only once, but twice ( well, the legit is the second one 🙂 LOL ) .

And this day, i found out that that i got 80 in my final exam in clinical psych ! I’m really nervous since we passed our exam late, and well, i didn’t take that exam seriously. ( it was a take home exam ) but thank heavens ! *insert 1000 smiley faces here*. It’s too bad i got a MAJOOOR stomach ache awhile ago and that’s why I got a one absent now this sem. : ////. stupid stomach.


Oh i almost forgot abpsych. I still don’t know if i passed the long test ( hope i will pass ). Finals, please be good ! I want to end this sem with a happily-ever-after theme !


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