First sem is finally over.

Whoa. This sem was one of a kind. A roller coaster ride. And, still, I ‘m hoping that all my grades are passed. A 3:00 is enough for me ! I’m not so sure about fil psych since when we checked the first part, i only got 13/30 </3. And many got a single digit score. Imagine, almost half of the class  failed in the first part ??? And this is Filipino psychology. T.T I can’t believe i would recieve that score. 😦

And i also recently found out about my sched this coming sem. Only 3 subjects. No ojt . ( ouch. part of irreg life ) and the physics subject is still not a sure ball. If i had only known that this is the effect of irreg life, i would do every effort to pass statistics last 2nd year. But, too bad, i failed T.T

Hoping for the best. God, please answer my prayer again. 🙂


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