‘ I got a boy ‘ ( Video of the year ! 2013 )

So, first, i was really disappointed that i was godamnn hell late at knowing that SNSD’S  I got a boy won video of the year ( We had no internet these past 2 weeks. urghhhh. sick broadband : / ) AND I WAS SO FCKING HAPPY TO THE 1OOTH POWER THAT THEY WOOON ! It was REALLY UNEXPECTED, since they just beat the biggest artists like bieber, miley, lady gaga etc. Talk about world domination, IGAB has only 76 million views, but wow, THEY WON.

I was really excited awhile ago to watch the awards night…..and it was disappointing. The audience was silent although some clapped, and i think it was really rude, i mean a simple cheer or clap can do it ! And then i read those irritating, nonsense, racist tweets, posts, etc about snsd and it just…..HAHAHAHAHA. I just laughed at those pathetic dumb assholes who have no idea what they are talking about. ( some dumb racist people called fans of SNSD, generationers. Like WTF ??? )

Good thing that many mature and open minded people stand with snsd, fans and non fans alike. And despite those hurtful comments bashed on my nine angels, this comments/posts made my day :


These are just SOME comments/ posts. There are thousands out there who support SNSD. Haters gonna hate bitches ! 

You know what’s the best thing ? It’s when different kpop fandoms unite to show GG deserve that award and that kpop is ready to take the world. I’m not just happy because I’m a SONE, but also as a kpop fan, and most especially, AN ASIAN. Entertainment and popularity doesn’t just revolve in the western, it’s Global. And it’s just sickening that many people are against to that.

Well, to end this post, i just want to say to SNSD that I’m really proud of them that after years of hardwork, they make it to the global scene and i hope more achievements will come for them because they really deserve it !

사랑해 SNSD ! Fighting ! forever SONE HERE :)))



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