Sem break outing ( @ Averosa farm )

Last October 30-31 2013, we went to Averosa Farm in Tanuan, Batangas for our annual sem break outing 🙂 When we got there, i didn’t expect that the place would be HUGE, although the word ‘ farm’ is already a dead giveaway. Well, it become more huge for us because we’re the only ones in the resort ! It’s a ‘party-party’ for us and the best part is, the big pool is OURS.

The Averosa Pool. 

It was just really nice to relax there, and the number one reason for that is because we “reserved” the place. LOL. Another reason would be the cool and relaxing atmosphere of the resort, maybe because of the huge trees surrounding the resort and a river nearby 🙂


Overall, our experience there is really good and tons of fun, and another ‘ Best-first-time ‘experience for us. ( Well, that’s how i call it. I don’t know why whenever we go to a place for the first time, its always the best.) Anyway, I hope we could go there again and the place would be again only for us. LOL jk. :))

*Can’t wait for the Christmas vacation ! *.


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