4 years of being a blogger.

Although i don’t remember the exact date that i made my blog, i know that it’s last december 2009…..so……..HAPPY 4 YEARS TO MY BLOG !! :)))) *insert thousand smiley face here*. Internet really changed on how i express my feelings, before i start blogging, my yellow diary given by my former best friend was the witness of my life story. Although writing in my diary was so long ago, ( and i missed it ! ) I’m still happy that this blog is now the witness in my current life. : )

I was backreading on my posts here awhile ago and it was really a good and a sad feeling at the same time. 4 years……few years but many things have happened, and they changed my life, my perception on things, love etc.

So cheers to my blog and many more birthdays to come 🙂


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