Blah, blah, blah.

*Random post*.

So, this coming weeks would be a hectic one because our relatives from Canada would be coming here- and we barely remember them. The last time i saw them was like, 11 years ago, and I’m really nervous for tomorrow because I don’t know how will i approach them. Arggh. Awkward girl problems again : //

And I’m quite pissed with my training subject. Makes me wanna quit to pursue being an HR. : // So now, i’m confused on what will be my job after i graduate. Just thinking about organizations, training and stuffs makes me dizzy. Not to mention that I. Don’t. Wanna. Talk. Infront.Of.A.Crowd. One of my greatest fears. I hate myself, seriously.

And, I’m not sure if one of the advisers accepted me or not in my thesis. And the deadline for our synthesis and introduction ? right after the vacation. Wow. And i don’t have yet an adviser, and a working title with an adviser. I know. Life sucks. : //

Please can this year end with a good note ? This shits are irritating me. And i don’t know how to feel anymore. 1st sem ends good, and now this one 😦 I have a feeling that I’ll be sad by the end of the year T.T Wish me good luck.


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