So, i was reading some tweets of my cousin and saw this pic….Our education is really messed up.



Whoever made this message…….You deserve  a #THIS ! certificate ! Ikaw na ! 

It’s all true. School is now all about passing, not learning. And it really sucks. Like, do i care if i find out the speed and velocity of a car ? What would it do with my life ? And those algebra shit. Are there X’s and Y’s in tag prices ? In work ? Hell no, of course.

I know that those homeworks and other activities help us to learn…. but not all. They must give something that we will use in the future. NECESSARY FOR THE FUTURE. I heard some stories that some people who graduated cum laude or with honors end up in…well, in not what they expected. I’m not saying that It’s not okay to have an award or honor in your school, but what I’m saying is, those grades doesn’t define what you really capable of. When you have low grades, or worse failed grades, you are called stupid. But take a look at some people who didn’t finish their studies because of poverty and now they have better lives, and even created their own business. Amazing right ?

And according to my tita,its easy to find a work in Canada because there is no discrimination, they don’t give a shit about your grades, school, etc. But here, most probably they will choose those people enrolled in prestigious universities than those people who came from schools that are not known. Same goes with the grades, of course they would choose the cum laudes, with honors and other awards. Sad story 😦

Life is really unfair sometimes. I think there must be a change in our education system.  And the picture says it all.


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