Indirect messages to some people.

  • I really get insecure whenever your around. I admit that I’m jealous of you and sometimes i can’t help it. But after knowing your situation, I’ll understand you more. I’ll try.
  • We’re not seeing each other anymore. Well, I realized that what i have is just an infatuation, and I’m happy about it. I’m happy that i can be happy even if you’re not around.
  • I keep dreaming of you. Why ?
  • It’s been 4 years. I want to know how are you now, if you still remember me.
  • Wow, after seeing that picture, you still like him. Move on, men. It’s quite annoying, actually.
  • I miss the three of you. Please, not 11 years until we meet again. Maybe I’ll just go to your home someday.
  • Thanks for swallowing your pride, although Its quite too late. And you really made me happy. 🙂

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