I speak.

So there’s this girl who is a Muslim, and i really admire how she stand up for her religon. I admire her because she follows every rule and live up to it, whereas I’m a catholic and there are some things i don’t frequently do, like reading the Bible. 😦 Many thoughts came to me, and i wondered, what if no religon existed, and we all just believe that there’s a Loving God and He created us and we all thank him, nothing else. Would there be peace ? Would discrimination be eliminated ?

However, there are some things I didn’t agree with her. Like when she said that girls are raped because they provoke. Yes, It’s their fault, so does the men. If they have self control and respect, then everything will be fine.

And for me, religon doesn’t define if you are really a good or a bad person. It’s up to your actions, if you went to church everyday and then forget your responsibilities as a catholic and as a person, then its useless. There’s no such thing as only the catholic or a specific religon would be saved because in the end, what we did on earth, in our lives, is the only thing that matters.

Let’s not forget that we are equal. We all stand on the same ground.


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