See, my brother is sort of a sexist awhile ago. It really throw me off when he said that girls really (must) need men. Oh, and not only that, he said stupid sexist stuffs even in the past.

” girls are weak ! ”

” oh, you can’t do that because you’re a girl. ”

Even my mother joined the sexist conversation awhile ago. She said to me,

” I wished you’re brother is the eldest, since he’s a boy, or maybe it would be better if you were a boy. ”

Of course i had to talk. What a stupid conversation. Pure bullshit. And my father told me to chill. WHAT THE FUCK. Chill in that fcking stupid sexist conversation. Yes I know I’m just a child, they are my parents, but i know my rights. And what they said, it’s not right.

This is just really offensive. Not only because I’m a girl, but hey, we are talking about gender equality here. That’s just a tiny conversation, but have a lot of meaning.

The next time my brother said that again or any stupid sexist shit, i would really punch him in the face. Really hard.


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