Disappointments : College edition.

Lately, i keep seeing graduation pics here and there in my news feed and i can’t help but feel sad and disappointed. I thought about many things i wished i done before, and here they are :

  • I wished i never failed stat. The subject that caused the domino effect in my college life.
  • I wished i interacted more and get out of my shell. I experienced rejection ( worse, feeling out of place) and although i’m happy now, i’m still quite sad that i don’t have much friends compared to my high school life.
  • Because of my irreg life, i didn’t have a particular group of friends, and i don’t know if i would call other friends, since i didn’t feel them, they are just a mere acquaintance.
  • I wished i chose tourism over psychology, because i realized that it’s not cut out for me.

I thought that over the past 4 years, i changed for the better but i don’t feel it. Many surprising things happened lately….but it didn’t brought a spark- which was quite unexpected. I really don’t know : (

But then i will surely miss college. Yes, it made my cry, but it made me happy too. I know I’m not yet graduating and too bad I’m late for it ( I’ll graduate – i hope this October ) but thinking about ending my college life means also the end of my studying era- my youth. I hate growing up, honestly, but that’s life. I gotta keep moving.


2 thoughts on “Disappointments : College edition.

  1. It’s all good… once you graduate it is even more important to keep learning, and when you do that you stay young =) Keep your head up and take every experience for what it is because “life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.”

    Peace and Love =)

    1. Thank you very much ! 🙂 and yes, i would never stop learning 🙂

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