Frustrating month.

I really really hate this month. Everything was going smoothly until this fucking groupmate of ours in training fucked up our project. And our efforts – I hope not, will be worthless.

I don’t know why he is doing it to us. I wished i followed my instincts before- that i should did a backup. I don’t know why every group i belonged to – in major projects, are composed of some retards who say that they will cooperate then do nothing. Full of shit.

I don’t know what to feel anymore. And i feel left out again. I dunno. I feel weird this past days, and i wished i would graduate sooner. I can’t wait.

I hope that when i got to work, i will meet people whom i can trust completely, and accept who am I. I hope that i would belong in a circle of friends that i can relate to, just like my HS friends. I don’t care of they will be many or not, as long as i know that i can trust them, and being with them will be worth my time.

And i feel lazy to do my OJT, but i need to. Arrgh and i need to find a company, but  maybe somewhere near my house. I don’t know.

And I’m not sure if i passed all my subjects. Because of training. Just 4 subjects, but i feel so tired, compared to my last sem which composed of 5 subjects.

To kuya ” J”. 

Fuck you. My middle finger salutes you. I’ll let karma do the job. And sorry to say this, but i got a feeling that you won’t be successful. And sometimes, my  feelings are right. Yes, sometimes. But i hope this feeling would come true.

And by the way, i killed you a hundred times in my head. I think my other groupmates does too.



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