Dear future boyfriend,

Just wanted to say hi. You know, for a couple of years, i don’t admit it to everyone but I’m really curious about you. How you look, how you are right now, what is your personality, and your dreams. I wonder if you also think of your future girlfriend, which is me 🙂

Be prepared for my uncontrollable laughter and mood swings. I get irritated easily, and i won’t be a sweetheart to you unless you prove that you are worthy of my trust. I can be weird, mean, and occasionally awkward and i hope you are okay with that. I won’t promise to be the perfect girlfriend you’ll ever have but one thing for sure, I’ll love you no matter what.

I don’t care if I’m not your first love, but please let me be your last :)) I wish you are near to me right now. I don’t know if i already met you, but i hope i do.

I’ll be waiting for you, although i hope that i won’t take too long for you to arrive, because i don’t know if I’m waiting for nothing. But please just promise me this-  love me like I’ll love you, because once i give my heart to someone, I’ll give all the love i can give.

A handsome face and a lovely voice would be a must have ( LOL jk ), but i think i won’t give a care about it once i fall for you. And i hope that you’re a directioner like me, or a kpopper. Maybe a SONE ? hahaha.

I’ll just be right here. ❤  Hoping, praying, and waiting.


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