I wanna travel, or do something fun.

Lately, this month seems boring. I missed my previous summer vacations, when we always go to different places. I don’t feel productive this month, because the OJT didn’t push through and my summer classes. I really really want to go in a out of town trip right now, where i can bring my camera, feel the nature and just have fun. Ugh. : /

And I’m quite pissed because awhile ago,  a cold war have happened between my siblings and my parents and i was caught in the middle. Not to mention that i have 2 big cold sores in my mouth. 😦 And the weather here is WAAAAY TOOOO HOT. 37 degrees O__O.

The only time we went outside is last thursday, when we had our visita iglesia and yesterday, when we hanged out at the district dasma.

Well, maybe i just have to enjoy since this will be my last summer vacation cause i will be applying for work this coming October. Maybe a movie or k-drama marathon will help to cure this boredom.

#just a random rant.


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