I’m starting to appreciate films/dramas with a bitter, tragic plot line.

Most especially when it comes to love stories. It shows that love is not perfect, love can kill you, love can become obsession and so on. I love how they make those stories realistic, not just some another fairytale-cheesy plot that makes us think unrealistic standards that results to dissapointments. Because I’ve been in that situation, and honestly up until now.

So, I’m searching for bittersweet, tragedy, or realistic movies/dramas to stop my dreamy, unrealistic expectations for me to be ready. To be more aware and to raise my standards, since I’m now an adult ( and i hate it ) but let’s face it, sooner or later, I will be in a relationship ( I’ve never had a boyfriend ) and i hope that my first would be my last. Just like my parents, I’m already happy with that.

Can you suggest a movie/drama ? I would really appreciate it 🙂 to cure my boredom.


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