Course choice.

I remembered this one time when my sister was still undecided of her course. At first, she wants dentistry but then after her confinement, she decided to choose medical technology. I was surprised at that time since that course is a no joke, its fun yes but its full of scientific shit that makes my head dizzy. But then, she told me that she likes chemistry so it’s not a big deal for her.

I remembered when i was undecided of my course. At first i really want HRM, then tourism. I really want to be a stewardess but because of my scoliosis and poor eyesight, it didn’t push through. Still, i want to take that course because i love to travel and to know the history of other places, until i saw the expenses. My parents are also thinking twice about it, so by that time, i was forced to choose something else.I was really disappointed about it, until my cousin told me that a certain cousin of his is taking up psychology. I don’t know psychology back then and then he told me that it’s all about the study of the human mind. The funny part is, i chose it not because I’m interested about it, but i thought that i would escape math. And i was wrong. hahaha. 😛

It was hard for me to deal with it when i entered college, most especially when i failed stat and ab psych. I was asking myself ” why i didn’t fight for what i want ? ” I know that if i would choose tourism, i would be selfish and to think that there’s three of us studying and our tuition fees are really expensive. But after sometime….after realizing its uses most especially to me, I now love psychology. Yes, its difficult and so other courses. ” walang madali sa buhay anak. ” my mother would say. And she was right. It’s up to us if we would go through it, or just stand and do nothing. I also realized that even if things didn’t go as you planned, it doesn’t mean that you won’t reach your dreams. It could be a blessing in disguise or something. Who knows. Maybe choosing it was better after all.


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