Friendster appreciation post.

So i guess this is an ultimate throwback post – the glory of the friendster days ! Yesterday, nostalgia again overwhelm me because my sister was humming the song best of both worlds, and bam ! i downloaded all of my favorite songs when i was in high school and i remembered the website that introduced me to the world of social media.


Old school shit. How i badly miss this 😦 

A particular friend of mine made my friendster account, since that time we don’t have a computer and I’m just into computer shops. That time, i was so obsessed in High school musical ( oh shit eww ) hahaha particularly on vanessa hudgens.


This was my friendster’s layout when i was around 3rd year HS. memoriessss :)) 

Known as my ” jeje days” believe it or not, i was really serious about testimonials or “testi” and how i remind my friends to give me testi. And i was so addicted in changing my backgrounds, put some bling bling everywhere on my profile, and those jeje shoutouts. Eow powz add m3 GuYz ! I Lov3 you All  _ 15. OMG. hahahaha. 😀

Then came second year high school. I became addicted to this anime called ‘ Pichi pichi pitch’ and its protagonist, luchia. I remembered i changed my name in my account into ‘ Luchia crizel’ and my profile was full of pichi pichi pitch shit. Hahahaha. 😀 I even made a blog about my love for the anime series, but then changed it into a personal blog. I won’t forget those jeje blogging days. 😛


Mermaid melody layout 🙂 

It’s just so sad that friendster changed ( it became a gaming site ) and the old profile – some pieces of my happy childhood are now gone. Years have passed, but for me that was only yesterday. Not to mention that in 8 days, i would turn 21. Ugh. This is the first time I’m feeling so old !

I can say that friendster, although it seems so corny to me now, it has a huge part in my childhood, high school life particularly and it really made me happy :))


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